Terms and conditions of use

Between The company “FIRST OASIS” represented by its manager, Jean-Yves Coulon, Tax ID No. ESX5976953-N hereinafter “FIRST OASIS” and individuals or professionals, hereinafter referred to as “ADVERTISER” which placing one or more ads on the website “accept the terms and conditions below:

  1. Acceptance of terms: is an advertising service provided to the ADVERTISER, who declares and acknowledges, therefore, have read the Terms of use.
    By using our site, you indicate that you accept the Terms of Use. Please do not use our site if you do not agree to the Terms of Use.
    In case of non compliance by the ADVERTISER of these Terms, FIRST OASIS reserves the right to deny access to this service.
  2. Service Description:
    The site “”, specializes in diffusing all types of international real estate offers strives to expand its visibility and global impact. The agency First Oasis, owner of the site acts as a real estate agency throughout the Spanish territory but is limited to the dissemination of ads from individuals and companies overseas.
    The Service allows the advertiser to place, free ads * or * paying ads, in all countries of the world, which will be posted on our site in 5 languages.
    * Free ads are only available for individuals and managed directly by the agency FIRST OASIS according to the following fee schedule:
    Sales: Valid in all countries. Fees: 5% of the published tariff.
    Vacation Rentals: Valid in all countries. Fees: 20% of the published tariff.
    Long term rentals:. Valid in all countries. Fees: 10% of annual rental amount.
    * Paid ads apply to all advertisers, individuals and professionals all over the world.
    The Service allows free viewing of ads for all users of this site.
  3. Advertiser´s obligation:
    The description text is written by users of the Service. To avoid any disputes later, FIRST OASIS advised the ADVERTISER to check his ad the first issue.
    The ADVERTISER may place listing by completing and validating a form posted on the site. Confirmation and sending the form results in its immediate consideration.
    Ad placements are taken into account when validating the form, the ADVERTISER enjoys no right of withdrawal.
    The duration of online ads depends on the tariff and options chosen by the advertiser.
    Throughout the duration of its online ad, the ADVERTISER can modify, change or delete it, directly on the site. Any removal shall be final.
  4. Accuracy of Information:
    ADVERTISER (owner or real estate company) accepts these general conditions of sale and posting a prominent ad on our site, it guaranteed that the information provided is accurate and contains no error or omission is misleading or dishonest . FIRST OASIS responsability can not be engaged in whatever capacity whatsoever, whether the information provided in the ad or if the advertiser contact info is inaccurate.
    The text, phone numbers and prices listed in ads can be changed freely and well described may be replaced at any time but only by the ADVERTISER himself, connected to his client area of the site.
    The ADVERTISER must be able to respond to inquiries by phone or email. In case of prolonged absence of the ADVERTISER and unable to be contacted by email or phone, we advise him to leave an away message on his voicemail or his inbox, or to us contact so that we can momentarily suspend his announcement. We reserve the right to suspend adverts of owners are unreachable for more than a week. We will leave messages by telephone and email, asking the ADVERTISER to request reactivation of his announcement on his return.
  5. Modification and termination of an advertising:
    FIRST OASIS reserves the right to update the final layout of a property, including the right to edit text, or change the layout or photographs. FIRST OASIS also reserves the right to modify and edit text data stored in the database’s online ADVERTISER.
    If we receive substantiated complaints from any number of site users about a specific advertisement misrepresenting the property, or its surroundings, or the inappropriate behaviour of an Advertiser, then we reserve the right to remove the advertisement without notice, and retain payment.
  6. Disclaimer:
    The ads are edited and posted under the sole responsibility of their respective authors.
    FIRST OASIS disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy of these ads. The text ads appear under the responsibility of the advertiser. ADVERTISER agrees to indemnify FIRST OASIS of any harm resulting from such circumstances and FIRST OASIS guarantees against any action based on these inserts.
    It is clear that FIRST OASIS does not take part to transactions between buyers and sellers where the logo and contact FIRST OASIS does not appear on the ad ..
    FIRST OASIS assumes no responsibility for the quality, safety, legality of the items listed the truth or accuracy in online listings, the ability of sellers to sell such goods or services or the ability of buyers to pay such goods or services.
    Notwithstanding the foregoing, FIRST OASIS reserves the right to refuse outright, without giving reasons, an ad with the nature, text or presentation appear to be contrary to its moral or commercial, without any obligation to repay any amounts paid.
    ADVERTISER agrees to guarantee, indemnify and hold harmless FIRST OASIS for any damage, loss, lost profits, claims, liabilities and expenses that may incur liability if FIRST OASIS was initiated by a third because of any act or a complaint from a third party, following the submission of an ad in violation of the rules contained in these Terms.
    FIRST OASIS will make every effort to keep the broadcast service of the site in an operational state.
    However, it is an obligation of means FIRST OASIS no guarantee that the continuous operation and / or continuity of service are provided.
    As such, the responsibility FIRST OASIS will not be sought in case of defects which may exist or damage (costs, lost profits, loss of data or any direct or indirect) which may arise from the use of the Service by advertiser, or inability to access them.
  7. Fees and payment:
    The announcement prices on the site is defined on the page: “Advertise your property” .
    An invoice or a note will be sent automatically to the advertiser after receiving the payment.
    – Payment by credit card shall be by a secure process (standard SSL).
    Thus, FIRST OASIS has no knowledge of users’ bank details.
    – Payment by bank transfer is accepted.
    FIRST OASIS validate the announcement upon receipt of payment and the user will receive a confirmation email.
    FIRST OASIS reserves the right to change prices and conditions without notice.
    The modifications of the rates will be applicable immediately for new advertisers and renewals from existing customers.
  8. Copyright:
    The content and software of Firstoasis site are protected by copyright. Except for private use, the content can not be used or copied without the prior written approval of First Oasis or individual or organization that published the information.
  9. Jurisdiction:
    These Terms are governed by Spanish law and advertisers and users of the site accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaga in Malaga province.